A conversation,
with the invisible world

Gregory Abou lures his viewer by the transformation of intuitive movements into sounds and images. Intuitions that reveal themselves on trips and in privileged encounters are reflected in visual images and in sounds and their reverberation, referents of a visual and auditory experience attuned to the universe and its elements.

His work is an attempt to find the answer to our existence in a space-time continuum, a presence undermined by our programmed disappearance.

His research derives from such themes as the unspeakable, the invisible, presence, disappearance, absence, and sleep.
Gregory Abou films alone. He is in front and behind the camera, present before and after filming. In intense, even extreme and often precarious, climatic conditions,

his films are made, in vast, almost fantastical settings from the Arctic Circle to the Dead Sea. The opposition of north and south, heat and cold, salt and snow, interior and exterior, are shown in stark black and white contrasts that spring from a polar magnetism prompted by a special sensitivity to geophysical experience.

His meticulous staging orchestrates the movement and choreography of the objects like prayers accompanying a ritual.

The obsession with balance, the state of being suspended, religious codes, the use of clothes, and the ephemeral qualities of paper, plunges us into a universe at once strange and mystical. The artist, protected in his Hermeticism, transcends the materiality of the objects by his very performance.

Working within the periphery or frontier, somewhere at the boundaries of country and object, Abou utilizes the transparency of crystal, the flakes of falling snow, and the opacity of coal or firewood, to share an intimacy and personal narrative in a language all his own.

In consummate modesty, he gives himself up to death and its preparatio, his own death or that of others, serene, and endowed with an intensity of life.The cardinal points of his initiation are found in the journey, in one's habitat, clothing, and foodstuffs, in gesture and ritual. One discovers an authenticity in its etymological sense when approaching this artist who is animated by such precise movements.

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